miércoles, 24 de diciembre de 2014

Ya tenemos portadita para el Xinatra

Y queda tal que así ...

Me encanta!!!! ... no lo he podido remediar y he hecho una versión de como quedaría tipo Cartucho Konami :)

Mola, a que si?

lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

New MSX-VR version - Winter is here!

A new update for the MSX-VR project is here. I hope you enjoy it!

Better CPU/VDP debugger, tool for compiling Z80Asm and linking with MSXVR-DOS5, emulation improvements and other cool features.

What should be the next step? Please, let me know about your wishes:

* Create tools for Pattern and Sprite creation
* Create a tool for music edition (PSG/SCC/FM)
* Continue improving the emulation system
* Maybe continue improving the MSXVR-DOS
* More progress to MSXVR-BASIC
* More support to MSXVR-VIEW
* Continue improving the Developer tools (compile/link/debug)

0.0.22 - Winter is here! version

* Fixed MSXENGINE :: Better GameReader Detection and management. Better ROM Detection.
* Added MSXDOS :: Improved GR command: GR [/M1 /M2 /M2P /MTR] [/D] [/R]
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: Detecting ROM in games database
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: An interlock bug with multiple MSX2 machines
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: Visual garbage at bottom of screen when scanline212/192 changes
* Added MSXENGINE :: Debug SPGT 
* Added MSXBASIC :: First support for PDL and PAD functions
* Added MSXBASIC :: STICK function has joystick support
* Added MSXBASIC :: Command _EDIT for edit the MSXBASIC code in the text editor
* Added MSXBASIC :: Command _DEBUG for open the debug window
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Behaviour of the code updated from MSXBASIC console
* Added MSXBASIC :: Hot key CONTROL+B -> Go Basic  and CONTROL+R -> Run Basic
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Input A$ didn't read correctly the input value
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Reading command in the last row of the screen
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Scrolling in the console freezes the computer
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Renum behaviour
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Command LET generates 2 sentences LET when compiling
* Bugs :: Aguila Espacial -> sprites don't disappear, screen 3 does not show.
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: Fixed pattern indexing in Sprite Refresh Drawing (Track&Field Sprites now are working ok!)
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: A lot of improvements in VDP: adjust registers, scanline refresh, etc. (SpaceMambow runs better now!)
* Added MSXENGINE :: Looking for ROM in database when ROM is played.
* Fixed MSXDATABASE :: Added as MSX2 system for those Konami MSX2 Roms
* Fixed MSXDOS :: /P works on command <type>
* Added MSXDOS :: /? to get some help from command
* Added MSXDOS :: Command AS for compiling/linking ASM sources
* Added MSXDOS :: Command XDIR
* Added MSXDOS :: Command REN/RENAME
* Improved CPU Debugger for MSXROMPLAYER (visuals, breakpoints, behaviour, etc.)    
* Updated MSX3LOGO :: Thank you to KDL
* Updated SUIL