lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

Summerlander!!!, new MSX-VR version 0.0.24 updated!

Summerlander! is the new MSX-VR version 0.0.24 of this operating system fully compatible with MSX standard. Now with MSX2+ too!!

DOWNLOAD Windows version 0.0.24

Some of the improvements of this version:

* Added MSXDOS :: Screen Scroll for accessing text clipped. Use [CONTROL] + Up/Down for scrolling.
* Fixed MSXVIEW ::  Bug with listbox selection
* Fixed MSXVIEW :: Fullscreen/Console mode window activation
* Added MSXDOS :: Screen Scroll HOME/END. Use [CONTROL] + Home/End for scrolling
* Fixed MSXDOS :: Mount error management
* Fixed MSXVIEW :: Several problems with fullscreen & resolution contexts
* Fixed MSXDOS :: Running APK files
* Fixed MSXVIEW :: AspectRatio in window/fullscreen modes
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Fileextension format in FILES
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: Y8950 didn't work. Now it sounds!!!
* Add MSXENGINE :: GameReader mapper. Now you can work with real hardware.
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: SpaceManbow scroll
* Added MSXENGINE :: Screen 10/11/12 YJK Modes
* Fixed MSXBASIC :: Minor bugs between BASIC and HLS_Editor
* Added MSXBASIC :: Support for KILL command
* Added MSXENGINE :: Initial Support for MSX2+ with 512kb.
* Added MSXENGINE :: Support for Raspberry PI
* Added MSXENGINE :: Initial BASIC support for Raspberry GPIO (_os("gpio_init"), etc.)
* Added MSXPLAYER :: Added VGM/VGZ files (support for AY8910, YM2413, Y8950, Konami SCC chips)
* Added MSXPLAYER :: You can play with wildcards *.ZIP, *.*, *.VGZ, etc.
* Added MSXVIEW :: Support for overscan margins (config.xml and desktop)
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: AY8910 plays correctly synthesized voices (laydock 2 presentation screen) 
* Added MSXENGINE :: Added new sound chip - SN76489
* Added MSXENGINE :: New mapper and floppy disk drive support for Panasonic (TC8566AF controller)
* Fixed MSXENGINE :: Improved sound chips emulation and quality.  
* Added MSXVIEW :: Show/Hides menu in fullscreenmode with LCTRL+LSHIFT+M

Thank you for your support!

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

In the middle of the night ....

Mientras sigo cerrando la versión 0.0.24 del MSX-VR Operating System :) que ya soporta MSX, 2 y 2+ entre otras muchas novedades ... os dejo un video de unas pruebas del MSX-VR haciendo uso del GPIO de la RASPBERRY. Está gracioso trastear con el MSXBASIC.