Just here a list of the published games designed, programmed and/or produced by me.

Each item in the list has:
YEAR (when the game was published)

X = as a producer/director
C = testing, programming, design, support or adding engine features
D = I have participated in the game design
P = I have programmed all the game

2024, King's Valley 3 MSXVR (DemonVG) [XDP] [Video]
2023, Hollenburg NintendoSwitch / MSXVR (DemonVG) [XDP] [Video]
2022, Space Ranger MSXVR (DemonVG) [XDP] [Video]
2021, Kmare MSXVR (DemonVG) [XDP] [Video]
2020, Sky Jaguar 2
 NintendoSwitch / MSXVR (ToadInBlack) [XDP][Video]
2018, Operation Pig NintendoSwitch / MSXVR (ToadInBlack) [XDP][Video]
2018, The Blue Warrior NintendoSwitch (ToadInBlack) [XDP]
2018, Demonia Windows (DemonVG) [XDP][Video]
2018, WWII Tactics Card Game iOS/Android (LLano Games) [XP][Video]
2018, WWII UBOAT Submarine Commander iOS/Android (LLano Games) [XP][Video]

2015, Xinatra Windows (DemonVG) Steam [XDP][Video]
2014, Pretty Kingdom MSX (Nerlaska) [XDP][Video]
2013, Sammy The Seal iOS/Android (Philips Respironics) [C]
2013, Blood Jewels iOS/Android (DemonVG) [DP][Video]
2013, Sant Jordi Book iOS/Android (SilverBackCGStudio) [P]
2013, FBI Academy Slot Machine. iOS/Android/HTML5 (CIRSA) [CP]
2012, Madness Racing iOS/Android (Nerlaska) [XDC]
2012, The Princesse’s Gems EPUB for iOS (Errikos Kalyvas) [P]
2012, MathGems2 iOS (Nerlaska) [XDC]
2012, Aircraft Little Heroes iOS /Android (DemonVG) [CP][Video]
2012, Happy Gnome iOS/Android (Nerlaska) [XDC]
2012, Ant's Life iOS (Virtual Toys) [XC]
2012, Locomaster iOS/Android (Nerlaska) [X][Video]
2012, Cosmic Tiles iOS/Android (DemonVG) [DC][Video]
2012, Gazzel Quest iOS (DemonVG) Steam [DP][Video]
2011, Happy Gnome XMAS iOS (Nerlaska) [XDC]
2011, AZMK iOS (Nerlaska) [XDC]
2011, MathGems iOS/Android (Nerlaska) [XDP]
2011, OUR Chat AS2 (NetWizzy) [P]
2011, Knightmare Remake PC (DemonVG) [DP][Video]
2010, The Duelits Windows – WebBrowser – Facebook (Nerlaska) [X]
2010, Living Hell FB Windows – WebBrowser – Facebook (Nerlaska) [X]
2010, HoopWorld Wii (Virtual Toys) [XC]
2010, The Monster Hunter MSX/iOS/Android (MegaROM Cartridge) [XDP]
2009, Armix 3 Windows (Nerlaska) Fundación ElHuyar [XDP][Video]
2008, Imagine Fashion Idol Wii (Virtual Toys) UBI Soft [X]
2008, Living Hell Windows (Nerlaska) [XDP]
2008, Armix 2 Windows (Nerlaska) Fundación ElHuyar [XDP][Video]
2008, Mr.Mole MSX (MegaROM Cartrige - MSXDev Contest) [XCP]
2007, Red Forces Windows (Nerlaska) [XC][Videp]
2007, Cobra’s Arc Remake Windows (Nerlaska) [XCP]
2007, Armix 1 Windows (Nerlaska) Fundación ElHuyar [XDP][Video]
2006, Omega Force Strike MIDP 1.0 (Nerlaska) [XP]
2005, DraculaTwins Windows (Nerlaska) Legendo [XCP][Video[
2004, Fernando Alonso MIDP 1.0 Porting (Gaelco) Nokia3410 [P]
2004, Carlos Sainz MIDP 1.0 Porting (Gaelco) TSM100, SHARP GX10, MV525, MyV65, Nokia3410 [P]
2004, CastleHunters PC –PS2 (Nerlaska) [DC][Video]
2003, LaserBlade MIDP 1.0 Porting (Gaelco) M720i [P]
2003, GunRush MIDP 1.0 Porting (Gaelco) M720i [P]
2003, BillyBlade Windows (Nerlaska) Iridon Interactive [XDP][Video]
2002, WantedGuns Windows (Nerlaska) Iridon Interactive [XDP][Video]
2001, Codename Silver Windows (Nerlaska) TryGames [XDP][Video]
2000, Torrente Windows (Virtual Toys) [C]
1998, Witch Frog Windows (Nerlaska) HollyWood Multimeda [DP]

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