viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016


Yeiraaaa! :)

Current Status:

RU48 -> Project presentation - MSX3/MSXVR
RU50 -> First Beta Prototype of the project MSX3/MSXVR

It is a "beta", ok? We need to work in some important features, for example, the keyboard. We want to give different color proposal for the case. We want a more MSX keyboard, with 2 color keys and cursors like/similar to PhilipsNMS8280 keyboard.
We are working in other features like the Mic and the VideoMixer and internal hardware extras. And of course, we want to improve the OS and the software, complete the manuals, etc. But, one year of hard work has given very good results. More details about all the stuff during this week and finally in the RU50 (We hope to do a chat for everyone)

Thank you very much for your support during this year. Next year is the year!!! :) Stay tuned!!!

Vamos, que en la RU50 daré una charla y explicaré un poco la odisea del 2016, los avances, estado del arte, etc. Pero la cosa va muy bien. Eso está casi ahí chavales y chavalas!! A ver si voy poniendo cositas a lo largo de la semana para ir haciendo los dientes largos :)